Organizing World War I Centennial activities in your organization or municipality? Take the survey at The Texas World War I Centennial Commemoration previously organized initial coordination and planning meetings in North Texas and South Texas. Now it’s time for a state-wide meeting to discuss our communication, coordination, and commemoration plans. The meeting will be set for late July or August, in either College Station or Austin. You can help decide the final details by taking the 10-question survey.

In addition to your date, time and place preferences, help us understand what information will be most important to you (question 8):

What topics would most interest you at the conference? (rate 1-15)

  • Developing and growing a grassroots network; outreach ideas and methods.
  • How to use existing ideas for use in my region, county, municipality or organization.
  • Getting The Word Out: Managing communication and effectively publicizing WWI centennial commemoration events or activities.
  • Unique Options for the WWI Centennial: Brainstorming and developing new Centennial Commemoration ideas activities for 2017-19.
  • Education outreach and commemoration activities.
  • Hosting an academic symposium
  • Forming a speakers bureau.
  • WWI commemoration arts collaboration in your community (art, film, photography, theater, literature, poetry, etc.)
  • Conducting outreach and organizing volunteers in my community for WWI commemoration events.
  • Raising funds for WWI commemoration event.
  • Education and information resources on the WWI centennial.



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