Apply for a 100 Cities / 100 Memorials Matching Grant — Through January 15, 2018

Washington DC – October 23, 2017

In observance of the centennial of World War I, a total of 100 matching grants, of up to $2,000 apiece, are being awarded for the restoration, conservation, or even creation, of 100 World War I Memorials across the United States.

The first 50 “WWI Centennial Memorials” were announced on September 27, 2107 and grant applications for the second 50 awards are being taken now. Applications can be submitted until January 15, 2018. The program management expects to announce the second group of 50 awardees on April 6, 2018.

Any organization, group, municipal government, or individual may apply. The Memorial or monument must be WWI related, must be in the 50 united states or US territories, and the project must be, or have been completed between January 1, 2014 and November 18, 2018.

To date, both American Legion and Veterans of Foreign wars posts from around the country have participated, as well as many other Veterans Service Organization, community groups, city, state and municipal organizations, local historic preservations societies and even individuals.

WWI memorial restoration, preservation and even creation projects are being undertaken around the country during this centennial period. Some of projects may not know about the program, which not only provides some financial assistance in the form of a matching grant, but importantly, applicants get to tie into a national program and awardees also receive an official federal designation as a “WW1 Centennial Memorial”.

Interested parties should go to where they can learn about the details of the program, read or download the competition manual, submit a grant application and sign up for an informational blog about the program that will keep them updated over the coming months.

By restoring these monuments and memorials, many of which bear the names of those members of the community who served and fell in the “War that changed the world”, the sponsors of the 100 Cities/100 Memorials initiative hope not only to honor those who served, but to raise awareness of this momentous event in our nation’s history, and increase each community’s understanding of their town’s and city’s place in military history.

It is our great hope that the 100 Cities/100 Memorials initiative will help unite the nation in a conversation, and collective celebration of our victory in World War I and in proper recognition of the contributions of those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of liberty and freedom.

The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program was created and is sponsored by the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission and the Pritzker Military Museum and Library. Both the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars are signed on as supporting organizations.

Questions can be addressed to the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program managers:

For the US WW1 Centennial Commission Theo Mayer –

For the Pritzker Military Museum and Library: Susan Mennenga:

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  1. Wayne Steffen

    I would like to include the Stockbridge American Legion Post 128 Stockbridge, Wi. 53088 in the program of 100 cities/ 100 memorials We had the dedication on September 10, 2017 of the WW1 Memorial which we moved form Hwy 55 and county road f in Calumet County,Wisconsin,because of bad repair to Stockbridge Legion- Firemen park, 175 Military Road Stockbridge along with the names of all 42 people who died while serving our country in the civil war, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. in 2016 when the project was started. Our Village has a population of 600.The Memorials can be viewed by many as it is on the Main Street Pictures can be seen atm Stockbridge legion Post

  2. Texas WWI CentennialTexas WWI Centennial (Post author)

    Hi, Wayne. You’ll want to apply through the National USWWICC site. Go to where you can learn about the details of the program, read or download the competition manual, and submit a grant application.


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