“SAVE THE DATE” NOTICE. The Texas WWI Centennial Commemoration will hold a Planning & Coordination conference to provide information, coordination, and support for communities and groups interested in organizing 2018 WWI Centennial events.

The conference location will be determined by late January (tentatively Austin or College Station) and will be free and open to the public.

If you are not already on our contact list, register on this web site or email us at WWICC.TX to receive an invitation to this conference.



  1. Cynthia H Moore

    My father served in WW1. He was 60 when I was born in 1956. He enlisted in Lufkin, TX. I would like to be involved in this event, since his service in WW1 is very close to my heart. I also believe I am one of few – if any – children of a WW1 veteran. His name was Hubert Hill and received a Purple Heart for his service.

    Please let me know how I can be of service to you.
    Thanks so much.
    Cyndy Hill Moore

    1. Texas WWI CentennialTexas WWI Centennial (Post author)


      Thanks very much for reaching out, sharing some of you family history, and your offer to assist with the Centennial. Can you tell where you are located? Do you have a particular skill set or area of interest? Here is some general background on the organization and mission:

      Our primary mission is to promote awareness of the role of Texas and Texans in the Great War and to act as a clearinghouse to publicize sites and activities related to WWI in Texas — Communicate, Coordinate, and Commemorate. While there is a National office, most activities will be based in the initiative of each state. Our web site is Facebook page is CENTENNIAL.

      More information on the National WWICC mission is shown below my contact information. Our state government partner is the Texas Historical Commission (appointed by the Governor as the lead state agency). In addition to THC, our stake holders include museums, civic and veteran organizations, historical sites, academic institutions, military bases, etc. We are in touch with over 250 organizations around the state interested in participating. The commemoration period will span 2017 through 2019 (U.S. entry in the war through signing of the Treaty of Versailles).

      We’ll add you to our outreach list and keep you advised on the March 2 planning conference. As a primarily grass roots endeavor, there is a lot of flexibility to determine WWI commemoration activities will best serve your community. We have a number of off-the-shelf ideas that you may want to consider, or you may already have plans in development. Either way, we are excited to partner with you and serve as a planning resource and communications channel to “get the word out” on centennial activities.

      Michael D. Visconage
      Colonel, USMCR (Ret)
      Texas World War I Centennial Commemoration
      Like us on Facebook at

      The Commission was established by the World War One Centennial Commission Act, part of Public Law 112-272 passed by the 112th Congress and signed by President Obama on January 16, 2013. The Commission is responsible for planning, developing, and executing programs, projects, and activities to commemorate the centennial of World War One; encouraging private organizations and State and local governments to organize and participate in activities commemorating the centennial of World War I; facilitating and coordinating activities throughout the United States relating to the centennial of World War One; serving as a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of information about events and plans for the centennial of World War One; and developing recommendations for Congress and the President for commemorating the centennial of World War One. More information on the WWICC is available at


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