The first state-wide Texas World War I Centennial planning conference was held on August 12 at the Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin. The conference was designed to help organizations and individuals plan commemoration activities for the  2017-2019 centennial period.

Conference documents (presentations/handouts/participant roster) are posted on our shared drive (Google Drives) at drive.texasworldwar1centennial.org. The folder is marked Coordination & Planning>August Conference).

The conference was attended by over 70 participants (including those who participated through a live webinar internet link). The conference audio/video is posted on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/179131888 or can be accessed here (click to full article):


Organizations represented included museums, county historical commissions, universities, libraries, military bases, and state agencies. Lunchtime keynote speakers included Commissioner Tom Hatfield off the Texas Historical Commission and Daniel Dayton, Executive Director of the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission. The planning, presentations, and logistics were the result of the effort of volunteers from the TX WWICC. Members of the Texas Historical Commission staff were also critical to the success of the day.



  1. Tammy Cox

    If we wished to donate WWI documents and personal items, who should we contact?

    1. Texas WWI CentennialTexas WWI Centennial (Post author)

      There are a number of state and regional museums, academic institutions, and archives that would likely welcome your donation. Happy to provide some contacts if you want to email us at WWICC.TX@gmail.com. Here are some questions that may help determine the best match for a donation:
      – Do the items pertain to a specific individual? Was the individual a Texan? Were they associated with a Texas-specific military organization (e.g., the 36th Division or 90th Division)?
      – If a military figure, what was their military service branch (Navy, Army, Marines) rank, military specialty (aviation, tanks, infantry, etc.)?
      – Do you have any history/details of where and when they joined the service, were they served, when discharged, etc.?
      – Was the individual associated with a Texas college or university, a specific town or county, or did they have a notable career after the war?
      – Do the documents pertain to a specific event or action (military operations plans or reports), personal (letters, diary) or are they administrative in nature (pay records, discharge papers, etc.)? Are photos included, and if so are there any annotations as to location or names of individuals in the photos?
      – Where are you located (this my help in directing you to a organization that is nearest to you)?


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